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We all remember that sinking feeling when we first realized that a pancake breakfast or a Danish in the morning, a pizza during the Super Bowl, or some cookies and milk in the afternoon, were no longer an option.Now, all the pleasures from the foods that you had to give up because of your gluten-free diet are available again. The items shown above are only a few of the many prepared foods that you will be able to eat again. Imagine, pizza, angel food cake, bread, and any of your favorites are back in your life. Your world has reopened! Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Flour is your alternative for delicious foods and baked goods while you still remain on your gluten-free diet.
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How to Make a Gluten Free Pizza



Your foods and meals will be gluten free and prepared with a cup for cup substitution in your old family recipes.


This new all-purpose gluten free flour is a cup for cup alternative to regular wheat-based flour that makes great tasting foods and baked goods that do not crumble. This gluten free flour may be used for bread, pancakes, pizza dough, dumplings, and any tasty dessert. It also makes an incredibly tasty batter for onion rings and other batter coated foods


Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Flour eliminates all the problems when entertaining. All your food preparations, delicious sauces and gravies will be gluten free and your non-celiac guests will enjoy the wonderful food and never taste a difference.


You will only need one type of flour. No need to have many bags or boxes of different flours that you must mix and blend before using. A simple substitution in your old favorite recipes and you will have a delicious prepared dish for the entire family. No more special preparations for the gluten intolerant. Everyone in the family can enjoy the same foods and great tastes.


Your food preparations will taste great, they will not be gritty, they will not crumble, and most of all they will be delicious.


There are many recipes that have been modified to be gluten free. However, with Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Flour, no special recipes are required. Just exchange the amount of flour specified in any of your old favorite recipes with an equal amount of Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Flour and you will have a gluten free, tasty cooking success. Remember to always read the labels of other ingredients used in the recipe to insure that your end result is totally gluten free. You may also find that additional liquids may be required from time to time in some recipes. See “BAKING HINTS” for more information.
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