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My local bakery does gluten free cupcakes and was kind enough to give me the name of your flour for my family. So even though I am not a business, feeding my family is, and I think your flour is THE best on the market and we have tried everything... I just need a bit more consistency with the rising. I notice some weeks the bakeries cupcakes don’t have the same height as other weeks when I pick up their cupcakes. What still works though is the flavor and texture are great. It doesn’t take away from the finished product. S.Z.


Could you please ship me three bags of flour. I have run out. We tried a French bread recipe and I was so pleased with the results. It was great toasted. Finally, dippy eggs and toast. Thank you for the great flour. J. R.


Recently, I saw an advertisement in “Living Without” magazine for a gluten free flour that claimed to make angel food cake, bread (that is edible), and pizza crust. I tried the flour by making pizza for my family. It was excellent. Then, I made muffins, spice cake, and eggplant parmigiana, “oh my goodness, real food”. This was wonderful, now I can eat like anyone else and never be deprived again.
M .L.


Could you please ship me three bags of flour. I have run out. We tried a French bread recipe and I was so pleased with the results. It was great toasted. Finally, dippy eggs and toast. Thank you for the great flour. J. R.


We use this flour and I think it is wonderful. You cannot tell the difference. We (my daughter and daughter-in-law) bake with it all the time for the entire family and they cannot tell the difference. Thank you for a great product. L. K.


I just used your flour to make blueberry scones – I used a normal recipe and to my amazement, they turned out perfect. Thank you for making life tasty again. M. P. 9/19/06 I just wanted to say thank you. I honestly thought our life was over when my daughter and I were both diagnosed Celiac. I have used your flour a couple of times and these couple of times turned out perfect. G. F.


I am sold! This is the best flour yet!!! I suffer from celiac disease and so do my children and my two sisters. I am just so happy about the flour. I made an apple pie using my daughter’s recipe and I made Tom’s pizza – it is the best! Most of all my kids are very satisfied as well as stating they can hardly taste the difference. A loyal and satisfied customer, B.L.


I don’t really know the proper words to use to convey the enormity of gratitude that I have for your product. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your “magic” formulation….all of my baked goods taste JUST LIKE my beloved gluten loaded versions. My husband and son (who are not Celiac) think they taste great and can’t tell the difference. In fact my husband thought I had gone off the diet and started cheating. H. K.


I just wanted to write and thank you for coming up with your fantastic flour. I’m back to using my pre-diagnosis recipes and your flour has worked fabulously in every single one of them. I made carrot cake for my daughter’s birthday party and nobody could tell it was gluten free. I’ve also used the flour to bake banana bread and toll house cookies. Today, I used it to make turkey tetrazzini from Thanksgiving leftovers and the flour thickened up into a beautiful white sauce. J. K.


I felt compelled to write to you and thank you for your wonderful flour. Christmas cookies filled the house….using my original recipes without alterations! I even made some wonderful pancakes on Christmas morning….they were delicious as well. I feel like I can enjoy baked products again…that truly taste like my baking used to taste. Nobody could believe that my cookies were gluten free. L. G.


You are right! I tried my regular peanut butter cookie recipe and the cookies are absolutely delicious. Great Blend! P. P. 1/29/07 For months, I’ve been the guinea pig for my wife’s gluten free pancakes from various companies and with various brands. Finally, this morning, she made Tom Sawyer Gluten free cakes and not only were they more tolerable, they were probably the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for helping all those with wheat allergies. R. K.


I can’t tell you how much I was relieved to find your flour. After my diagnosis, it was almost a grieving process for me as I love to bake and cook. I began using Tom Sawyer Flour in my tried and true recipes. The first thing I baked was a batch of shortbread thumbprint cookies with strawberry jam. I really didn’t want to share them but I did take them to work. No one knew they were made with substitute flour. From banana bread, great angel food cake, and even corn fritters – they all turned out beautifully! Thanks again for such a wonderful product. B. G.


I want to tell you since I have used your flour, my husband has been very happy. We tried Picazzo’s pizza on a recent trip to Arizona. Since they use your flour I decided to try to make pizza at home in New Jersey. My pizza was GOOOOOOD. Pizza is the one thing my husband missed most. My husband is fussy about his bread and I used this flour for that too. He loved it. I also made cream puffs from a recipe that I had. I just replaced the flour with Tom Sawyer Flour. They came out so light that I liked them better than the ones I made from regular flour. D. K.


I love your flour. I make your biscuits almost every day, they are so good. Also, thanks for the fast service your give. J. F.


Thank you for your wonderful flour! I’ve recently made the best blueberry streusel coffee cake with it as well as blueberry pancakes, both from a regular (not gluten free) cookbook. No one would ever know these item were gluten free, they taste so wonderful. What I love best is the cup-for-cup substitution. K. P.


I have a friend that gave me some of your flour. I can not believe what I can do with it. Thank you for this flour. L. B.


Thanks so much! The fact that we can have pizza we can eat is awesome. S. B.


WOWZERS!!!! This flour is FANTASTIC!!! Last night my husband and I made some muffins together with some fabulous summer peaches, from a REGULAR COOKBOOK. They were SOOOOOO GOOOD!! But here is the best part, I had one the next morning, not warmed up and it was JUST AS WONDERFUL THE NEXT DAY. I am so grateful that I did not get rid of my 1001 muffin recipes book when I LEARNED I WAS Celiac two years ago. PS my recently diagnosed girlfriend was so glad she was able to use your mix to make her Grandma’s pancake recipe. S.D.


I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful flour. I just want you to know I will only be purchasing your flour as it is the BEST product out there. I was finally able to make a chiffon cake that truly tastes like chiffon cake, looked wonderful and smelled wonderful while baking. My quality of life will be much better now. R. B.


Thanks so much Tom! We discovered your flour when vacationing in Arizona this spring. We ate at a pizza place that featured gluten free pizza made from your flour. This was a real treat for my gluten intolerant husband. Now, I won’t make pizza without your great flour. Thanks again! M. C.


I have to say, I LOVE your flour. I am a celiac and a dietitian and I recommend it to all my patients and anyone I know who is also on a gluten free diet. R. T.


We have used your all purpose flour for the first time today and my husband is more than pleased. It’s an answer to prayer. Thank you. L. E.


I made bread last weekend and it was very good. I also made brownies and you could not even tell the difference. Thank you very much. K. B.


I am writing to say how excited we are that we baked our first gluten free banana bread (Betty Crocker recipe) with your flour and it is fabulous!!! I have tried so many gluten free recipes where I mixed so many flour ingredients only to have them turn out “weird”. We are thrilled that we can look forward to the holiday season making our traditional family goodies. M.M.

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